Sixties Up- Featured Poem

When we were in our 20s most of us were having fun
We'd not too many worries I recall
Our main preoccupation was enjoying what life offered
It really felt like we could have it all
Our 30s came around and some of us had settled down
We'd bought houses,and had mortgages as well
And some had started families so the pace of life had changed
And a late night out just made the morning hell!
And then we'd reached our 40s,seemed to happen overnight
We we're busy with careers and all that meant
And the years just flew so quickly that we didn't feel them go
And for most of us our Lives were quite content
Then suddenly we're 50, that dreaded Big 5-0
And the kids have gone and we've an empty best
And hopefully the two of us have made it through as friends
We finally have our lives back thats the best!
Then 60 Rolls around and we get a second wind
And grandkids may be there to share our life
Our mainĀ  job is to spoil them and enjoy them while they're young
And then give them back as soon as they cause strife!
So, 60sUp is wonderful,our work life may be over
We find the time to travel once again
And life takes on a gentler pace, without the need to rush
And we have the time to catch up with our friends
It's now we realise life is short so live for every day
Take time to spend with those you love the Best
I hope the passing years have been as happy as you hoped
Now raise a glass and let's drink to the rest!

Jan Beaumont